Solutions & Uses

Uses of Sepro-tech DNS (Dry Separation Technology)

The Sepro-tech DNS works in the Density range from 0.1 Tons/m³ to 8 Tons/m³. With the least separable density difference of 0.3 Tons/m³. It works in the size range from 3 mm to 25 mm & +25 mm to -50 mm.

Iron Ore Beneficiation

Suitable for separation of contaminations such as Laterite, Quartz, Yellow Ocher, BHQ etc. from Iron Ore.

Chromite Ore Beneficiation

The Sepro-tech DNS suitable to separate low density contamination such as Limonite form Chrome Ore.

Manganese Ore Beneficiation

The Sepro-tech DNS suitable to separate low Density contamination such as Quartz, Stone & bounded material from Manganese Ore.

Coal Deshaling

Sepro-tech DNS is useful to remove heavy contamination such as stones, and shales from Coal.

Metal & Slag Separation

The Sepro-tech DNS can be used as a substitute to water based jigging used in metal recovery plants.

Sepro-tech DNS facilitates a Dry Separation Technology for recovery of nonferrous metal such as Ferro-Chrome, Ferro-Silicate, Ferro- Manganese, Silico-Manganese and Stainless steel etc. from slag of respective materials.

Slag is crushed to 15 mm, after screening the dust from crushed slag it is directly feed to Sepro-tech DNS which separates slag and metal pieces on the basis of density differences.

Dolochar / Char Separation

A Dolochar is fuse coal and by - product of DRI process. After separation of contamination from Dolochar a clear char is used as a fuel for power plant.

Baryte Concentration

The Sepro-tech DNS is used to recover high density Baryte A & B grade from average mixture of all grades.

MICA, Feldspar separation

The Sepro-tech DNS is useful to separate MICA shiest and other light weight imparadise from feldspar.

Talc Ore

The Sepro-tech DNS is useful to remove stones & other unwanted associated contamination from the Talc Ore.